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Reviews From Our Happy Customers

I bring all my family and friends to yaya, better quality foot and body on the island... Linda Mimi or Yaya do not disappoint. Thank you Yaya Spa

- Wade A.

The most encompassing full body and foot massage I've ever experienced. Extremely reasonable pricing for 90 minutes. The massage started off by some intense muscle massaging but by the middle of the session were really able to rejuvenate and i felt incredibly relaxed. This is definitely the place to go if you have some serious muscle pain. Unlike most places where you can receive a nice massage and it feels good at the time, this massage actually did work! I finally feel like all the knots in my shoulders and back are gone.

- Jenn L.

You will not find a better deep tissue body and foot massage than at this location! Ask for Jack! He has amazing technique and gives the deepest shiatsu massages. He cares a lot about making his customers happy and is extremely knowledgeable about body mechanics. If you want a massage that will blow you're mind, melt those stiff muscles into jelly, and ultimately relax you for a great night sleep....you gotta ask for Jack!!

- Julie L.

Hidden gem! My husband and I are massage junkies, we had the BEST massage we've had in a long time at Yaya Spa last night. We're both older so those aches and pains come up more often then would like. Our feet were tired and everything ached, after the massage we felt energized and refreshed. I can't recommend them enough! We have plans to go back 2 more times this week before heading home.

- Tracy C.

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